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John K Ngatia’s new book is

One Plus One Equals Four

The Keys to Success


John Ngatia's book


In One Plus One Equals Four – The Keys to Success, John Kamau Ngatia offers a powerful and practical formula to fast track your way to success and transform your life. This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to improve their current circumstances or turn a dream into reality.

A highly successful and sought-after peak performance and turnaround coach, John has empowered clients from all walks of life to not only dream big but to ‘live their lives by design’. With remarkable insight, he shares the same tools and strategies he uses in his coaching business to propel his clients forward to reach success. John was born into humble circumstances in Kenya and the story of how he turned his childhood dream into reality is an inspiration to people of all ages around the globe.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, increase your wealth, improve your sporting performance or a relationship, apply the knowledge within this book and you will achieve results.

About John K Ngatia

‘Whether it is the thought of something you want or something you do not want, your consistent attention to it, invites it into your experience, it becomes your reality. Create the reality you want.’

  • John Kamau Ngatia

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‘My mission… To inspire millions of people worldwide to live a life of joy, great health and financial abundance’


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